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Written by Kelvin Omere


“Money makes money. And the money that money makes, makes more money.–Ben Franklin

If you’re reading this, then you should start investing now! The issue with investing has never been how much should I invest. No one has ever met me asking “When should I invest?” The only queries I’ve gotten are “When should I start investing?” And there isn’t any better time to start than now.

If by now you still assure yourself that you’ll invest when you’ve made more money or when you’re more comfortable with the market trend or probably till you become a professional, then you might be moving through the wrong lane. Delaying till a later date could actually smell danger.

Research has it that about 40% of people have had to come down with financial loss due to procrastination. Additionally, the earlier you invest, the more cash in returns you get compared to how much you invest.

So you’re still wondering why you should start investing, here are five reasons.

  1. Financial Freedom

Now the first thing you should keep in mind when investing is that you’re not trying to get rich. So investing with the mindset that you’re going to be rich with your returns is just totally out of place. The main purpose of your investment is to keep you ready for the day you’re going to stop working.

Like it or not, you can’t work forever. You’re going to be retired one day. It is not a get rich scheme. Rather, it ensures you of financial freedom at the time when you’ll need it the most. No one is going to pop up from the air to give you the money you’ll need to take care of yourself when you’re retired.

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If you have children that are financially buoyant then good for you, they’ll most likely be willing to take care of you. But if not, you’ve just got to do something now. You’ve got to start investing. Even if you have children, there’s nothing as satisfying as financial freedom!

  1. Venture into a Business

Another reason why you should invest is that you could just have enough money in returns to venture into a business. It can be anything from a small scale business to large scale business. This will often depend on the money you have. Venturing into a business will, in turn, creates a new line of wealth for you.

If you don’t fancy starting up a business of your own, you may simply buy shares from another company and be a shareholder. Or even still, you may decide to partner with another individual to manage a business. Whatever option you choose, just do it wisely, and be guaranteed that it’s going to be a win-win.

  1. It’s Easy to Invest

Okay, when I say, easy, don’t get it twisted! I simply mean investing isn’t so much of a hassle. It isn’t something you really have to spend time working on. You just simply invest! It is not complicated, energy-sapping nor time-consuming.

To top it all, you don’t have to be rich to invest. It’s not something you have to get capital for or write a business plan or proposal for. In fact, investing is one of the easiest business actions. The only thing you need to do is get your head straight, look for a worthy place to put in your money in hope for returns and boom!


You’re already investing. No minimum requirements! No prerequisites! You can further use index funds to keep your investment strategy simple and yet powerful.

  1. It Doesn’t Really Matter If things Going Wrong

Yeah! It’s true that sometimes things might not go down well with your investment plans,  but it doesn’t really matter. You shouldn’t join the set of people who wouldn’t invest because they’re scared their money might just disappear into thin air.

Sincerely, your investment might not yield good returns even after the first decade of your investment plan. But the truth is that they won’t really matter. What you actually need to bother about is how much you save. So even if your returns aren’t as much as what you expected, if you save well, you won’t even notice that your returns aren’t great.

When your savings are okay, you wouldn’t need to bother about which investment plan to choose. The pressure of risks will be reduced. Whichever way, don’t just let the terror of doubt keep you from investing. It isn’t too late to start now.

  1. Decrease Taxable Income

Taxable income simply refers to any compensation which an individual receives which is used to determine tax liability. You might just be able to decrease your taxable income by investing. This is possible when you invest your pre-tax dollars into a retirement fund such as 401(k).

Having read all those, it should now be in your best interest to start up an investment plan as soon as possible. Sincerely, it doesn’t get any better than now. Just start!


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