Investing In Stocks: 30 Best Stock Market Books

Written by Kelvin Omere

Stock market books are the right materials for any investor serious about investing.

Top investors like Warran Buffet, Bill Gates, and Peter Lynch all make the stock market look very promising. In fact, there are stories of people who invested just $1,000 and made $1 million in a few years.

While all these success stories make the stock market look like the fastest path to becoming wealthy, there are lots of principles, strategies, and techniques that must be applied before you can make huge returns off your investments.

In this article, we look at the best stock market books that explain how the stock market works and the principles, techniques, and strategies that you can use to build wealth. 

Investing In Stocks: 30 Best Stock Market Books

1. How to Make Money in Stocks Getting Started: A Guide to Putting CAN SLIM Concepts into Action

How to Make Money in Stocks Getting Started by Matthew Galgani is an excellent step-by-step explanation of IBD’s investing system. The book puts the CAN SLIM concepts – one of the most successful investment strategies in the stock market, into action.

The book is written in a simple and easy to understand language which makes it suitable for young investors or beginners who are yet to wrap their head around the terminologies of the stock market

Author: Matthew Galgani

Current edition: 1 Edition (June 2013)

Pages: 304

2. The How to Make Money in Stocks Complete Investing System: Your Ultimate Guide to Winning in Good Times and Bad


The How to Make Money in Stocks Complete Investing System by William O’Neil explains the CAN SLIM investing system which is built on realistic techniques that will help investors navigate the market and make better buys.

It contains proven techniques for building stocks, strategies on picking the best stocks, and tips on how to avoid the most common investor mistakes.

Author: William J. O’Neil

Current edition: 1 Edition (August 2010)

Pages: 500

3. Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator by Edwin Lefèvre examines the strategies and practices of one of the all-time best stock operators. Although the book is dated, it is still full of wisdom and techniques that could help investors work their way through today’s market.

This book is most suitable for professional investors as the terminologies used in it could be too complicated for the beginner to digest.

Author: Edwin Lefèvre

Current edition: Revised Edition (January 2006)

Pages: 500

4. Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist

Over the years, there have been many stock market books on Warren Buffet; one of America’s most successful investors. These stock market books depict the life of the investor and how he started from scratch to amass one of the epochal fortunes of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Through access to Buffet’s family, friends and colleagues, Lowenstein is able to give you an inside view into the life, strategies, and success of Warren Buffet.

Author: Roger Lowenstein

Current edition: Reprint Edition (April 2008)

Pages: 512

5. The Little Book That Beats the Market

Beginner investors looking for real information on how to make their investments work for them can thank their stars as Joel Greenblatt takes it upon him to lead them through the right path.

The Little Book That Beats the Market offers simple and easy to understand strategies that will help the investor stay ahead of the market and invest successfully towards retirement.

Author: Joel Greenblatt

Current edition: (October 2015)

6. How To Day Trade For A Living: A Beginner’s Guide to Trading and Tactics, Money Management, Discipline, and Trading Psychology

The thrill of being your own boss and having the freedom to work whenever you want and anywhere you want are some of the things that push people to become investors. However, trading is not easy and you’ll definitely get a rude shock if you think it is a get-rich-quick scheme.

How To Day Trade For A Living by Andrew Aziz offers practical advice that will direct beginners starting the investment journey. Through this book, beginners can know where to start, how to start, what to expect from day trading, and how to develop an effective investment strategy.

Author: Andrew Aziz

Current edition: 3 Edition (January 2016)

Pages: 280

7. Investing QuickStart Guide: The Simplified Beginner’s Guide to Successfully Navigating the Stock Market, Growing Your Wealth & Creating a Secure Financial Future

If you have zero knowledge of investing and you’re looking for a practical guide that offers real-life advice on what to expect and how to navigate the stock market, then you’re in luck.

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Investing QuickStasrt Guide by Ted D. Snow claims to be the ultimate beginner’s guide investing. A look through its content confirms just how true that this. Through this book, you can learn how to day trade stock, avoid mistakes and create real wealth in the stock market.

Author: Ted D. Snow, CFP®, MBA

Current edition: (September 2018)

Pages: 203

8. Trading in the Zone: Master the Market with Confidence, Discipline, and a Winning Attitude

Making emotional decisions as a trader can lead to huge losses. Sometimes, emotional trading can result in a profit, but logical decisions remain the best way to decide on how to trade stock.

In his book, Mark Douglas explores the mental habits that cause traders to lose money and provides tips on how traders can calculate risk and control over compulsive decisions.

Author: Mark Douglas

Current edition: Used Edition (April 2000)

Pages: 240

9. Stock Investing for Beginners: How To Buy Your First Stock And Grow Your Money

Investing in stock can be tricky and complicated. There are so many strategies that must be applied and so many terminologies that an investor must be conversant with if he wants to succeed. All this hard work makes many people back out from investing and many lose out on their chance to build wealth.

In John Robert’s Stock Investing for Beginners, he simplifies the process of investing in stocks and making huge gains. Beginners who are yet to learn how the stock market works should get this book as it offers simple explanations and practical guides that will point them in the right direction.

Author: John Roberts

Current edition: (March 2017)

Pages: 73

10. Stock investing For Dummies (For Dummies (Business & Personal Finance)

Stock Investing for Dummies by Paul Mladjenovic focuses on four topics. It teaches you how to

  • Incorporate stocks into your investment portfolio
  • Understand and capitalize on current market conditions
  • Balance risk and reward
  • Explore new investment opportunities

With the help of this book, you can easily understand the terminologies of the stock market and make the right decisions when trading stocks.

Author: Paul Mladjenovic

Current edition: 5 Edition (May 2016)

Pages: 384

11. The Complete Penny Stock Course: Learn How To Generate Profits Consistently By Trading Penny Stocks

A penny stock is a stock valued at less than one dollar. These stocks are highly speculative and could either bring lots of profits or plunge you into debt. This is why every investor needs the right information on how to trade penny stocks as they cannot be traded like normal stocks.

The Complete Penny Stock Course by Jamil Ben Alluch is the right material for the serious investor interested in making huge gains from penny stocks.

Author: Jamil Ben Alluch

Current edition: 1st Edition (April 2018)

Pages: 388

12. Market Wizards: Interviews with Top Traders

Through this book, beginners can get an inside look into how the world’s most successful traders were able to amass their wealth and earn tens to hundreds of millions of dollars year. The book features interviews with top traders like Tudor Jones, Richard Dennis, Marty Schwartz, Tom Baldwin, and more.

Author: Jack D. Schwager

Current edition: 1st Edition (February 2012)

Pages: 512

13. Invest Like Warren Buffet: Power Strategies for Building Wealth

Warren Buffet is definitely one of America’s finest investors. With a net worth over $80 billion, it is easy to see why there are so many books about him.

Invest Like Warren Buffet: Power Strategies for Building Wealth by Matthew R. Kratter takes a look at the strategies that have helped this billionaire investor succeed in the stock market and build his wealth.

Author: Matthew R. Kratter

Current edition: 1st Edition (February 2016)

Pages: 48

14. A Beginners Guide To Investing: How To Grow Your Money the Smart and Easy Way

As a beginner, you should always set your sights on investing for the long term and focus on strategies that will help you build wealth and retain wealth even when the stock market takes a hit.

A Beginners Guide To Investing by Alex H Frey offers practical advice that will help beginners build long-term wealth, discover profitable stocks, maximize tax savings, and develop an investment philosophy that will stand the test of time.

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Author: Alex H. Frey

Current edition: Unabridged Edition (February 2016)

Pages: 100

15. A Beginners Guide to the Stock Market: Everything You Need to Start Making Money Today

This book is the beginner’s road map to successful investing. It contains lifetime advice that can help investors grow their money, generate passive income in the stock market, trade stocks, and spot profitable stocks.

In this book, you will also learn how to pick and trade stocks like Warren Buffet. Surely, this is one of the best stock market books for beginners.

Author: Matthew R. Kratter

Current edition: (May 2019)

Pages: 98

16. Think & Trade Like A Champion: The Secrets, Rules & Blunt Truths of a Stock Market Wizard

There are very few stock market books that have as many positive reviews and received as many recommendations as Mark Minervini’s Think & Trade Like a Champion. This book offers realistic advice that can help investors beat the market and make huge profits from their investments.

Author: Mark Minervini

Pages: 256

17. Charlie Munger: The Complete Investor

The Complete Investor by Charlie Munger offers timeless advice to investors who want to outperform market indexes. As a Berkshire Hathaway’s vice chairman and Warren Buffet’s financial partner, Charles Munger has had a fair share of investing woes and gains.

In this book, you will find all that he learned and the techniques he applied during his 40-year investing career.

Author: Tren Griffin

Current edition: Reprint Edition (October 2017)

Pages: 224

18. Trading Bases: How a Wall Street Trader Made a Fortune Betting on Baseball

The story of how an ex-wall street trader turned fantasy baseball into a profitable investment is laid bare in this book. Joe Peta shares his story on how he turned his back on Wall Street and created a baseball hedge fund. The hedge fund ended up with an impressive 41 percent return in the first year.

The book explains the principles, strategies, and unique methods he used to succeed.

Author: Joe Peta

Current edition: Reprint Edition (October 2017)

Pages: 384

19. Stocks for the Long Run: The Definitive Guide to Financial Market Returns & Long-Term Investment Strategies

This fifth edition of Stocks for the Long Run provides updated information on the stock market. It covers the financial crisis in America, market valuation, forecasts of future stock returns, and ways investors can determine whether or not the market is overvalued.

This book is best for long-term investors looking for practical advice that will help them stay ahead of the market and pick up trends easily.

Author: Jeremy Siegel

Current edition: 5 Edition (January 2014)

Pages: 448

20. The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing: Fifth Edition

Revelations of investment and stock trading strategies, explanation of stock market terminologies, methods that help to identify winning stocks, and resources that will help investors make better decisions are some of the topics cover in this world-class material.

The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing is in its fifth edition and still remains unique and trusted. It covers all the right information that will help beginners to make the right trades and help professionals maintain their investments.

Author: Jason Kelly

Current edition: Revised Edition (December 2012)

Pages: 336

21. The Intelligent Investor: The Definitive Book on Value Investing. A Book of Practical Counsel

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham still remains one of the best stock market books even though it was first published 70 years ago.

With the help of Jason Zweig and Warren E. Buffet, this book comes alive once again. The revised edition includes tips and strategies that will investors make the right investments in today’s market.

Author: Benjamin Graham and Jason Zweig

Collaborator: Warren E. Buffet

Current edition: Revised, Subsequent Edition (February 2006)

Pages: 640

22. STOCK MARKET CASH TRIGGER: Learn A Simple Technique That Tells You When To Go To Cash

STOCK MARKET CASH TRIGGER by David Alan Carter is a simple book with great information. Through this book, investors can identify market trends and make the right investment decisions even without using special tools or software.

This book offers promises for investors looking for ways to make passive income off the market. By following the guide in the book and spending just 5 minutes of your time a month, you can learn how to profit from the stock market and avoid losses and mistakes.

Author: David Alan Carter

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Current edition: (June 2018)

Pages: 108

23. The 30-Minute Stock Trader: The Stress-Free Trading Strategy for Financial Freedom

Creating a stock trading strategy that works is really tough and probably one of the toughest tasks an investor will have to undertake. In this book, you will learn how to create your own stock trading strategy that will lead you to success.

Also, you will learn about the doomed investment approach that most people follow, ways to automate your investments and still make profits, proven investment strategies, and more.

Author: Laurens Bensdorp

Current edition: (January 2017)

Pages: 218

24. Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits and Other Writings

While investing in stocks offers a lot of promise, it is by no means easy. You will have to know how to invest, maintain your portfolio, and diversify your investments so as to get more profits and also avoid fatal blows by the stock market.

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits and Other Writings by Philip Fisher provides insight into the hard work and talent required to do long-term growth investing.

Fisher introduces his investment philosophy which has helped him discover growing stocks that led to massive gains. This book is written in a formal style and uses terms that are easy to read and understand.

Author: Philip Fisher

Current edition: 2 Edition (August 2003)

Pages: 320

25. Penny Stocks For Dummies

Investing in penny stocks is incredibly risky, however, the right investment decisions can lead to huge gains that could last a lifetime.

Penny Stocks For Dummies by Peter Leeds is a penny stock expert’s advice to beginners who want to dive headfirst into the penny stock market.

This book acts as a guide; helping investors decide which penny stocks are profitable and the ones that are nothing but bad luck.

After reading this book, you will be able to identify and purchase lucrative penny stocks, discover market trends positioned for growth, understand the basics of penny stocks and find undiscovered opportunities in the market.

Author: Peter Leeds

Current edition: 2 Edition (April 2016)

Pages: 336

26. Penny Stocks Behind The Scenes 2: Advanced Strategies For Becoming A Better Trader

This is not a get-rich-quick book or a one-size-fits-all trading system guide that will help you make huge profits in the stock market without investing much of your time, knowledge, and money.

Instead, the book gives you an inside looking into the trading practices employed by a consistent 6 figure a year trader. These strategies helped the trader make huge returns in the past 15 years and could help you if you apply them correctly.

This book is for the investor looking to make long-term profits with penny stocks. If you’re looking for something more, then look elsewhere.

Author: Daniel E Regan

Current edition: (September 2018)

Pages: 435

27. Stock Market Investing for Beginners: The Easiest Guide to Learn the Basics of the Stock Market, Start Creating Your Wealth and Pursue Financial Freedom With Proven Strategies

Just as the title says, this book focuses on beginners looking to open a self-directing stock investing account.

The book covers the basics of stock investments. It also covers strategies for trading stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), bonds, mutual funds, and options trading. It also includes tips on how to avoid the most common mistakes beginners make when investing.

If you want to make the right decisions and build effective investment strategies then you need to get this book.

Author: James Johnson and  Steven Smith

Current edition: (June 2019)

Pages: 145

28. Stock Market for Beginners Paycheck Freedom: The Easiest Guide to Personal Investing Ever Written

Beginners with no knowledge of investing and the stock market will find this book very helpful. Stock Market for Beginners Paycheck Freedom by Don A. Singletary offers realistic strategies and actionable tips that beginners can use to win at the stock market.

Unlike most stock market books that offer fake promises and claim to help you make wealth from stocks in a short time, this book offers lifetime tips that will point you in the right direction and assist you in investing for long-term gains.

You might not see results immediately, but when they do come, they will last for a lifetime.

Author: Don A. Singletary

Current edition: (March 2017)

Pages: 130

29. Stock Market 101: From Bull and Bear Markets to Dividends, Shares, and Margins―Your Essential Guide to the Stock Market (Adams 101)

While it sounds more like a University course, Stock Market 101 actually hits the nail on the head when it comes to stock market strategies and techniques.

If you want to learn how to build an effective investment strategy that will expand your wealth, you should get this book and devour its contents as quickly as possible.

Stock Market 101 by Michele Cagan, CPA remains one of the best stock market books for 21st-century investors looking to make profits in the ever-changing market.

Author: Michele Cagan, CPA

Current edition: (November 2016)

Pages: 272

30. How the Stock Market Works

Using simple analogies, Professor DeGennaro explains the origin of stocks and other securities to give the new investor an idea of how the stock market works.

By understanding the structure and dynamics of the stock market, an investor can create an effective investment portfolio and easily identify profitable investment opportunities.

Author: Professor Ramon P. DeGennaro

Current edition: (April 2014)

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