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4 reasons to start a side hustle
Written by Kelvin Omere

Results from a Bankrate Study revealed that about 37% of adults in the U.S. have a side hustle. Another study went on to reveal that about two-thirds of Americans would consider opting for the side hustle business to supplement their primary jobs.

If you are currently not happy with your income level or you just need an extra backing to strengthen your primary income, then you do need a side hustle. So let’s get straight to the point! What’s a side hustle? Don’t let the name bother you! The community might see hustlers as people who work enormously for meager pay. But that’s not the case here.  A side hustle is not your typical hustle.

A side hustle is anything you do outside of your main or primary job, that you earn from. Like the word itself says, side! You know anything tagged side is usually not the main thing. Just an appendage!

It could be just coming up with contents for websites, designing logos for businesses, editing videos for filmmakers, designing websites for companies or just anything that you do outside of the primary job that gives you money.  So why do you really need a side hustle? Couldn’t you just go in with your life, even if you weren’t really happy with your income?

Below are four reasons why you should venture into a side hustle.

  1. Cover Up for Expenses

If you ever decide to venture into a side hustle, your major aim will be to make a profit from it. Of course, no one would want to spend some time into a side job if it isn’t bringing anything valuable. So, one of the major reasons why you should venture into a side hustle is that it covers up for expenses. No doubt, most times, your primary income is not able to cover all your expenses.


You may need to buy that extra pair of shoes, or maybe go to the boutique to get a new set of clothes, or it might just be to get textbooks or some sort of accessories. If your primary income won’t help you out here, your side hustle will get you covered.

  1. Increase Your Savings

Apart from covering up for expenses, another good line to side hustle is that it adds to your savings. No matter what your side hustle is, there’s a huge potential that it’ll add to your savings. The increasing savings pool is even the major reasons, some,  though a few, enter into a side hustle.

They prefer not to spend out of it, but instead keep the money from the side hustle in a separate account where it can be saved for some future use; which can be for investment, to pay up debt or loan or just anything! Whatever reason, though, make sure you’re saving for the right purpose and you’re doing it properly.

  1. To Develop Your Skills

Whatever you decide to do as your side hustle, whether it’s a new thing entirely or something you’ve been pretty good at, you’re going to be increasing your skill pool. You simply can only get better! You might not notice it, but as you go on,  you’ll become more creative and productive.  You’ll learn a lot of marketing skills such as communicating with your customers, promoting your brand, social media marketing, bargaining prices and so on.

And the beautiful thing is that these are skills you wouldn’t just need for your side hustle alone, you can even apply them to your primary job. These are incredibly useful skills in the business world, skills that are transferable to other jobs besides your side hustle.

  1. Trying Out Something New

Another great reason to venture into a side hustle might just try out something new. Maybe you’re too bored with your current job because it’s extremely monotonous, a side hustle might just be the perfect way to relieve you of the boredom. You don’t really have to be a professional before you venture into any side hustle.

Just start from somewhere. For example, if you are considering venturing into freelance writing, you can start up a blog or join freelance platforms and just start writing.

Just start from somewhere and you’ll see everything beginning to follow suit. If one side hustle doesn’t seem to be what it looks to you and is becoming boring, you can simply switch to another. There are countless side hustles out there in which you can venture into.

Side hustles are really something you should consider. I mean, it doesn’t come to any disadvantage. Except you’re an extremely busy person or you’re comfortable with your primary job or current income, you should start a side hustle now. It could just be your own breakthrough for financial freedom, you just can’t tell!

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